Session 05A | Writing Their Own Way Through History




Ross-Nazzal, Jim
Price, Amanda N
Morganti, Dianna

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Students report that they appreciate learning about and researching people who shared their experiences and backgrounds, yet they rarely hear their voices and experiences reflected in traditional textbooks. This presentation will showcase one professor's success using Design Thinking and Open Pedagogy to create open resources for US History classes in collaboration with students at a minority-majority college in Texas.


Speaker(s): James Ross-Nazzal Professor of History, Ethnic and Gender Studies, Houston Community College - Eastside Campus PhD History (Major Field: Middle East; Minor Fields: Women and US) Journal of International Women’s Studies, 2005- Editorial Board member; Fellowship Review Board member Amanda Nelson Price Acquisitions Librarian, Texas State University Amanda Nelson Price is an Acquisitions Librarian at Texas State University Libraries with subject liaison duties for Clinical Laboratory Science. Her regular duties also include budgeting, purchasing, troubleshooting and assisting subject liaisons and faculty with digital products. Dianna Morganti Research, Instruction, and Outreach Librarian, Texas State University Dianna is the subject liaison to Math, Computer Science, and CIS and served as a public librarian for 12 years before coming to Texas State University in 2016. She has served on the library's Scholarly Communications team since joining 4 years ago. Moderated by: David Ryden, Interim Dean, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, University of Houston-Downtown View recording