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February 2024 Forum
(Texas Digital Library, 2024-02-21) Park, Kristi; Mumma, Courtney; Hunt, Ke'ara
January 2024 Forum
(Texas Digital Library, 2024-01-17) Park, Kristi; Mumma, Courtney; Hunt, Ke'ara
November 2023 Forum
(Texas Digital Library, 2023-11-15) Mumma, Courtney; Hunt, Ke'ara
Pre-GIS Day Celebration 2023
(Texas Digital Library, 2023-11-08) Russell, Whitney; Been, Joshua; Claunch, Kristina; Dede-Bamfo, Nathanial; Shensky, Michael
GIS and geospatial data services are becoming more prominent in many academic libraries and archives all over Texas! To celebrate, Texas Digital Library’s GIS Interest Group is hosting its annual Pre-GIS Day Celebration. In this event, you'll hear about GIS research, learn unique tips and tricks using GIS technology, discover how librarians have supported GIS research at their campuses, and more! Presentations include: 1 | Border Land: Interethnic Violence in Texas, 1820-1870 by Whitney Russell, University of Texas at Arlington 2 | Worldwide GIS by Joshua Been, Baylor University 3 | SHSU Library Student and Game Location Connection by Kristina Claunch, Sam Houston State University 4 | Keeping "Beezy" with Drones by Nathanial Dede-Bamfo, Texas State University 5 | Automating the Georeferencing of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps by Michael Shensky, University of Texas at Austin
October 2023 Forum
(Texas Digital Library, 2023-10-18) Park, Kristi; Mumma, Courtney; Hunt, Ke'ara