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The Texas ETD Association was sunset as an organization in 2023. These collections contain conference proceedings, webinars, and documentation from the organization. The email listserv will continue to stay active as a place for ETD professionals to share news and ask for assistance.

The vision of the Texas ETD Association (TxETDA) is to be a leader in the field of electronic theses and dissertations within the state of Texas and to serve as a model for state-wide ETD associations throughout the nation.

Our mission is to provide a network of support for ETD professionals in the state of Texas, and to connect them with organizations and resources that enrich the work they do. Through a commitment to advancing open access, TxETDA strives to increase ETD submission at institutions throughout the state. TxETDA provides a forum for ETD professionals to support one another by offering opportunities for professional development and growth and by facilitating communication and the sharing of best practices. We, the members of TxETDA, strive to continually improve the capabilities of our members to serve and enhance their understanding of the field and use of the latest technology. (Last updated September 2010).

TxETDA was founded in 2009 through the generous support and encouragement of the following groups/individuals:

  • The Ohio ETD Assocation (OETDA)
  • Angela McCutcheon, Ohio University
  • Texas Digital Library (TDL)
  • Ryan Steans, TDL
  • Tim Brace, University of Texas at Austin
  • Adam Mikeal, Texas A&M University
  • Laura Hammons, Texas A&M University
  • The 2009-2010 TxETDA Leadership Team


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