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The first annual Open Texas conference convened librarians, faculty, administrators, and other open education practitioners and advocates in Texas. Open Texas 2021 was held fully online and co-hosted by Houston Community College and the University of Houston-Downtown.


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    Open Texas 2021 logos
    (Texas Digital Library, 2021-03-11) DeForest, Lea
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    Open Texas 2021 Full Program
    (Texas Digital Library, 2021-03-11) DeForest, Lea
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    Session 03C | Changing the Narrative with Pre-Service Teachers: From Copyright Restrictions to Creative Commons Permissions & OER
    (2021-03-11) Kohler, Karen; Millsap, Pamela
    This presentation follows an academic librarian/faculty member partnership, formed with the original intent to instruct teacher candidates about copyright restrictions in education, as it transformed into a project involving development of online materials to familiarize pre-service teachers with the availability of openly licensed digital instructional content and to introduce them to selection and usage processes. Multiple iterations of an online tutorial paired with facilitated instruction, a grant-funded OER module creation effort, a forced shift to 100% online instruction due to COVID-19, and a research project involving education program students, all played roles in this metamorphosis. By the conference dates, the presenters will have preliminary data to share from their study of pre-service teachers' awareness of, and attitudes toward, openly licensed content for instructional uses in the classroom. Additionally, session attendees will leave with a list of resources on OER use in P-12 education and in teacher education programs.
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    Session 04A | Meet Texas Digital Library's OER Ambassadors
    (2021-03-11) DeForest, Lea; Ivie , DeeAnn
    The OER Ambassadors, a working group composed of seven Texas Digital Library members, were selected to serve the consortium for a minimum of two years. OER Ambassadors are developing a Community of Practice and becoming a source of expertise for all OER practitioners in the state of Texas. Presenters will discuss the goals and projects of the Ambassadors, as well as ways other Texas-based practitioners can collaborate with us.
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    Session 04B | Community Building: Using Peer Review to Engage Librarians and Faculty in the Design of an OER Community of Learning
    (2021-03-11) McClean, Jessica
    How can faculty become engaged - and more importantly - involved, in the use and promotion of OER? What kind of program will meet an important need and encourage long-term buy-in? How can faculty contribute to the enrichment and sustainability of OER so that it continues to grow and evolve? The answer is a community built around peer review. By incorporating a familiar and significant concept that faculty value in their own research and career paths, Texas State's Scholarly Communications Team developed a program that coupled rewarding professional benefit with a sense of community, professional knowledge, and continued learning.
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    Session 04C | One Engineering Professor's Evolution into an OER Advocate
    (2021-03-11) Boardman, Bonnie; Ivie , DeeAnn
    This presentation will provide the audience with one engineering professor's reflection of her path from being introduced to the concept of Open Educational Resources (OER), to publishing an OER on Pressbooks and including H5P content, to having her student use Hypothesis embedded in the Learning Management System (LMS) Canvas to discuss the resource, to proposing a Z-Degree to her department and getting the go ahead to start that process. A description and timeline of catalyst events, the process of learning to remix in Pressbooks, the pilot process in an introductory industrial engineering course, and the impetus to expand the department's use of OER will be included in the presentation.
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    Session 05A | Writing Their Own Way Through History
    (2021-03-11) Ross-Nazzal, Jim; Price, Amanda N; Morganti, Dianna
    Students report that they appreciate learning about and researching people who shared their experiences and backgrounds, yet they rarely hear their voices and experiences reflected in traditional textbooks. This presentation will showcase one professor's success using Design Thinking and Open Pedagogy to create open resources for US History classes in collaboration with students at a minority-majority college in Texas.
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    Session 05B | Open Educational Resources and Texas A&M University's Student Success Initiative: Evidence of Impact
    (2021-03-11) Herbert, Bruce
    This presentation will evaluate the impact of OER adoption on student success in the Introductory Biology course sequence at Texas A&M University. The evaluation will include retention data and %DFW grades for students as a function of race, gender, socioeconomic status, and first-generation status.
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    Session 07A | Ins and Outs of Publicly Available Resources: Traversing the OER Landscape
    (2021-03-11) Zehavi, Eve; Logan, Kayla
    This session will discuss research which examines currently available OERs and compares their characteristics to traditional texts. In addition, it offers an overview of creative commons licensing and criteria for evaluating OER texts. The presenters welcome an audience of instructors at all levels of OER implementation--from those skeptical of the use of OERs to those already committed to "going OER" in their classrooms.
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    Session 07B | Public Good or Common Pool Resource: What does it mean to share an OER commons?
    (2021-03-11) Smith, Nathan; Logan, Kayla
    There has been some debate, particularly between David Wiley and Jim Luke, about whether Open Educational Resources are a public good or a common pool resource. Wiley wants to challenge the very idea of an OER commons, while Luke thinks this notion is central to the work of open educators and open advocates. This presentation will discuss the sides of the debate, consider reasons for each position, and ultimately argue that the notion of a commons is, in fact, central to the work of OER educators. The goal of the talk is not to get too far into the weeds of this debate but to present the contours of the debate for a general audience. Understanding the broader economics of OER can increase understanding of the roles of open educators, librarians, and administrators. In short, sustaining a vibrant ecosystem for the creation, use, and distribution of OER relies on the efforts of a community willing to tend to that ecosystem. To do so effectively, OER advocates should embrace certain shared values and understand the implications of those values for the work such as those articulated in the CARE framework.
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    Session 07C | OER Plug And Play: De-mystifying OER for Faculty Using Brightspace
    (2021-03-11) Briles, Morgan
    This presentation will show faculty how to apply the OER Plug and Play strategy to their own campus OER outreach efforts. It will also demonstrate to faculty how to utilize OER and other no cost resources in a learning management system.
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    Session 09A | Lights, Camera, Action - Creating Engagement with OER Materials
    (2021-03-11) gosselin, richard
    This workshop will examine the possibilities that OER materials have to offer in terms of finding suitable material, creating video, electronic flashcards, and other interactive student activities that will allow students to truly take charge of their own education. Participants will have hands-on opportunities to create for themselves beautiful and professionally-rendered products that they can be proud of and materials that students will actually use and come back to over and over again throughout the course of the semester and beyond. The workshop will also examine third-party software that does not require a license to use and is completely free to both the instructor and student alike. Moreover, it will also discuss dormant and abandoned copyright materials that have been entrusted to colleges, universities, and nonprofits and how to make good use of them in your courses.
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    Session 09B | Open Pedagogy: Moving from OER for Students to OER with Students
    (2021-03-11) Randall, Melissa
    This workshop focuses on the nuts and bolts of several open pedagogy approaches, including creating primary texts and supplemental teaching materials such as PowerPoint presentations, explanatory videos, annotation exercises, and test banks. We will discuss best practices of open pedagogy, as well as common pitfalls.
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    Session 09C | Building Momentum on OER Across the University of Texas System
    (2021-03-11) Hendrix, Dean; Karoff, Rebecca
    This session will provide an overview of the work and recommendations of the University of Texas System's Affordable Learning Accelerator Task Force, resulting in the development of the UT System's OER Momentum Strategy. Following presentation of the task force work and its culmination in the UT System OER Momentum Strategy, session participants will engage in discussion of how they are building momentum in their institutional contexts.
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    Session 10A Lightning Talk | Creating Clinical Case Studies as Open Educational Resources at a new medical school
    (2021-03-11) Rowland, Kevin
    This session will include an introduction to designing and publishing OER clinical case studies for health professional students. It will also demonstrate how to design teaching resources with learning objectives that facilitate easy adoption by OER users.
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    Session 10B Lightning Talks | Beyond OER: Exploring Other Opportunities to Reduce Student Costs
    (2021-03-11) McKee, Robert
    In this presentation, Dr. Rob Austin McKee will discuss some options for course materials that do not meet the definition of Open Educational Resources (OER), but that may still help us reduce costs for our students. He will also demonstrate some of the legal ramifications (e.g., fair use guidelines for educators) associated with using materials that do not meet the definition of OER.
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    Session 10C Lightning Talks | The Librarian-Faculty OER Consultation Process - A Community College Librarian's Perspective
    (2021-03-11) Kuhles, Renee
    This lightning talk will describe one ACC Faculty Librarian's experiences with faculty-librarian OER consultations and will detail the process of scheduling those consultations, the content covered during those consultations, and the follow-up that was done after the consultations were completed.
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    Session 10D Lightning Talks | My Journey with OER
    (2021-03-11) Tyler, Deidre; Dellinger, Justin
    Dr. Tyler's journey with OER started in 2016. Rice University, in a partnership with Salt Lake Community College, had to develop several courses using their own textbooks. As a result of being a beta tutor pioneer in 2016, Dr. Tyler saw how students wanted more opportunities to use free textbooks. She also had a chance to see how the new pedagogy is changing the way teachers teach in all modalities. This lightning talk will describe her journey with OER and will provide 10 tips for all teachers embarking upon the OER journey.
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    Session 11 | Enhancing and Assessing Teamwork through an Open Educational Resource
    (2021-03-11) Clark, Andrew; Singh, Michelle
    This presentation describes the creation of the OER and challenges faced around universal design principles. In addition, the presenters will describe the method of assessment for the OER and highlight results showing its impact as well as the contribution of the OER toward the strategic objectives of the Quality Enhancement Plan and the university as a whole. Data from focus groups with the PALs will also be presented to give insight into the usefulness and effectiveness of the OER from both learner and instructor perspectives.