Connecting Fedora Users Birds-of-a-Feather




Slater, Dustin
Griffith, Arran

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Texas Digital Library


Returning to in-person gathering has reignited the energy in the Fedora community and the program team is seeking new and unique ways to connect their users to each other. Building on the strong sense of community, Fedora is looking to understand their current user base and help identify meaningful ways they can continue to support their community as Fedora 6.x continues to gain in popularity and migration efforts are on the rise. This Birds-of-a-Feather session will give Fedora users an opportunity to gather, share their work, discuss roadblocks/barriers they’ve faced and what solutions they implemented, and draw on the expertise of their peers in an in-person setting.

We are looking to bring Fedora users, old and new, from the former South Central States User Group (SCSFUG), back together to reconnect with their community. All are welcome.


TCDL 2024 Session GM3, Wednesday, 5/22/2024, 8:00 am to 9:00 am | Moderated by Colleen Lyon, University of Texas at Austin | Birds-of-a-Feather | Software Development / Technical