Otto Kellands Model Dories and the Digital Archives Initiative




Lawton, Catherine

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Otto Kelland was a truly unique individual in Newfoundland. During his long life he had several careers from being a prison superintendant to being an instructor at Marine Institute. During his life Kelland made hundreds of wooden boat models. They are beautifuly hand-crafted and represented the type of watercraft used by fishermen in Newfoundland. The collection of boat models made by Otto Kelland and owned by Marine Institute made an ideal object to be digitalized. In particular the collection of dories was an ideal group to be digitized. They were housed in one cabinet and accompanied by hand-written documents describing each model. The Digital Archives Initiative (DAI) is a gateway to the learning and research-based cultural resources held by Memorial University of Newfoundland and partnering organizations. The DAI hosts a variety of collections which together reinforce the importance, past and present, of Newfoundland and Labrador's history and culture.

I will give an oral presentation of the project followed by a demonstration of the Otto Kelland Dories exhibit on the Digital Archives Initiative (DAI) at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I will be happy to answer questions following my presentation.


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