Vireo ETD Submission and Management System Development Update




Steans, Ryan
Park, Kristi

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Vireo, developed at the Texas Digital Library, is a submission and management tool for electronic theses and dissertations. Conceived as a solution for greatly increasing the accessibility and awareness of research created at Texas institutions of higher learning, Vireo is currently in deployment at several major institutions, bringing theses and dissertations online via open access. Now available as an Open Source software, Vireo is being used at both Texas Digital Library member institutions and is expanding in use globally. Ryan Steans and Kristi Park, communications officers for TDL, will provide an update as to the current status of Vireo, outline our successes and pitfalls in the past year, and discuss how TDl seeks to meet the needs of our constituents by working closely with our membership while keeping lines of communication open with users outside of Texas.