Session 07B | Public Good or Common Pool Resource: What does it mean to share an OER commons?

Smith, Nathan
Logan, Kayla
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There has been some debate, particularly between David Wiley and Jim Luke, about whether Open Educational Resources are a public good or a common pool resource. Wiley wants to challenge the very idea of an OER commons, while Luke thinks this notion is central to the work of open educators and open advocates. This presentation will discuss the sides of the debate, consider reasons for each position, and ultimately argue that the notion of a commons is, in fact, central to the work of OER educators. The goal of the talk is not to get too far into the weeds of this debate but to present the contours of the debate for a general audience. Understanding the broader economics of OER can increase understanding of the roles of open educators, librarians, and administrators. In short, sustaining a vibrant ecosystem for the creation, use, and distribution of OER relies on the efforts of a community willing to tend to that ecosystem. To do so effectively, OER advocates should embrace certain shared values and understand the implications of those values for the work such as those articulated in the CARE framework.

Speaker(s): Nathan Smith Instructor and OER Coordinator, Houston Community College Nathan Smith is a philosophy instructor and the OER coordinator at Houston Community College. He received a Ph.D. at Boston College and a doctoral degree from the University of Paris IV - Sorbonne. He has published in early modern philosophy and open education topics. He is the secretary for the New Mexico-Texas Philosophical Society and a co-founder of the Houston Area OER Consortium. Kayla Logan Professor of English, San Jacinto Community College Kayla Logan teaches English composition at San Jacinto College South Campus in Houston, Texas. Dr. Logan earned her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Reading, Literacy, and Literature from the University of Houston in 2017. She has over 20 years of teaching experience in public secondary and post-secondary classrooms. Moderated by: John Lane, Director, Technology Learning Service, University of Houston-Downtown View recording