Influence of conjugated linoleic acid supplementation on body composition of weaned pigs



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Cross bred gilts (n=32), that were approximately 8 wk old with a mean BW of 16 kg, were used in a randomized complete block design to evaluate the effects of dietary supplementation of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on body composition of weaned, growing pigs. The pigs were blocked by weight and randomly assigned to a treatment group; control treatment group (n=8), 0.33% CLA (n=8), 0.66% CLA (n=8), and 1.0% CLA (n=8). Feed was distributed via self-feeders, ad libitum, and CLA supplementation was administered as an oral drench daily at 0600. Body weights were recorded every 7 d, 10th rib back fat thickness was measured every 14 d via ultrasonography, longissimus muscle area (LMA) was measured via ultrasonography on d 0, 42, and 84. Data was analyzed using the mixed procedure of SAS. There was no main effect of CLA supplementation on BW (P = 0.73), 10th rib back fat thickness (P = 0. 36) or LMA (P = 0.69); however, there was a difference in the 10th rib back fat thickness on d 70 and 84 of the trial. Pigs supplemented with 0.66% (P ≤ 0.02) and 1.0% (P ≤ 0.05) CLA had reduced back fat thickness compared to the control group. These data indicate that CLA supplemented at varying rates for 84 d has no effect on BW or LM, but may reduce back fat thickness measured at the 10th rib. Further studies are needed to explore the effects of dietary supplementation of CLA on body composition of growing, weaned pigs.