The Development of a Guide for Designing a University Spin Out Corporate Identity Package



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The purpose of this thesis is to document and explain the creation of a guide on the fundamentals of corporate identity design for researchers interested in designing a corporate identity package for a spin out company. The guide was created to help university-based scientific researchers who have limited design experience and are unfamiliar with the process involved in the creating of an identity package. The identity design guide was posted online for evaluation by selected researchers and entrepreneurial personnel experienced in spinning out biotech companies. The guide contains information on preliminary design questions (purpose and audience), graphic design principles and techniques (color, typography, repetition, proximity and similarity), technical considerations (screen and print resolution and color systems), and a glossary of terms. The thesis focuses on the design of a corporate identity for Dr. Garner and the holographic imaging spin out company, Holocept, and the creation of an interactive corporate identity design guide using the Holocept identity as an example.