Session 14A | Assessing the Efficacy of OER in Lifelong Learning Competencies




Kelley, Caitlin

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Beginning in September 2020 OER scholars from multiple institutions across the state of Oklahoma were funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences for a three-year research project to research and develop a toolkit for assessing the efficacy of OER in developing lifelong learning competencies. The goals for the toolkit included providing a robust research methodology for evaluating the efficacy of OER and increasing the diversity of the populations included in OER efficacy studies. In this presentation, the authors will present initial findings of a literature review to identify lifelong learning competencies. Participants will learn how they can give feedback throughout the project and follow the project's progress. The presenters will lead a discussion on how applying a lifelong learning perspective changes the creation and distribution of OER.


Speaker(s): Caitlin Kelley Graduate Research Assistant, Oklahoma State University Caitlin is a PhD student in the Higher Education program at Oklahoma State University with a research focus on intercultural communication competencies and the international student experience. As a research assistant she is focused on assessing the efficacy of OER as a tool for lifelong learning. She is actively contemplating the intersections of these research agendas! Moderated by: John Lane, Director, Technology Learning Service, University of Houston-Downtown View recording