Procedural Justice Style of Policing

Salinas, Jimmy
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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)

The police profession is a noble profession. It takes certain officers to place the uniform and the badge on every day knowing that they may have to take a life or that they may face someone who is trying to take their life. Unfortunately, devastatingevents like the Rodney King beating and video of 1991 place the profession in a horrible light, with officers seen as brutal and full of corruption. Procedural justice is a process that has worked with good cops for years and should be considered for all agencies. Utilizing this policing model: Listen,Explain, Equity, and Dignity will bring credibility and respect. There will be more complianceto the law and fewer assaults and lawsuits against the police. This, in turn, will, once again, have the police profession seen as a noble profession.