The Science CafMovement on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Shaw, Joyce M
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Science Cafes present a casual meeting place where people who may have little or no science background can learn about a current scientific topic in an informal and friendly environment. The coffee shop setting is designed to be inviting and informal so that students, faculty, and community members can feel comfortable and engage in lively and meaningful conversations. The cafis organized around an interesting scientific topic with a brief presentation by a scientist and may include a short video clip. A Science Cafcan (1) provide an opportunity and venue for increasing science literacy, (2) publicize local scientific endeavors, and (3) identify the library as an epicenter of informal education on the campus and in the community. This presentation will describe the development of the Science Cafat the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast campus Library in Long Beach and plans for future cafes on the Mississippi coast.

##manager.scheduler.building##: Sea Aggie Center Room 601 Date: 2011-04-07 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM Last modified: 2011-03-04