Will super juniper-eating sires produce super juniper-eating offspring?




Tidwell, Kendall W.

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When preconditioned in pens, goats develop a preference for juniper on pasture. The objective of this study was to see if sires selectively bred for high juniper consumption produce offspring that consume more juniper than offspring from sires chosen for production characteristics. Five sires chosen for high juniper consumption and five sires chosen for production characteristics were bred to 7 does each (n= 70). Kids were weaned at 90 days of age and placed in individual pens for feeding trials. Consumption of juniper was measured and compared among sire groups. Body condition scores and weights were taken and compared among sire groups after goats were on feed for 30 days following each feeding trial. There were no differences in juniper consumption, body condition scores, and weights among treatments. Goats increased juniper consumption daily in individual pens.