Session 1R | Out of Time: Using OER to Aid "Last-minute" Hires




McConachie, Mike
LaRue, Patrick
Stanaland, Les
DuBois, Chris

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Texas Digital Library


How can OER help administrators in one of their most daunting tasks - filling course sections within 48-72 hours of the start of term? How can OER be used to ensure that new adjuncts can focus on students instead of curating content? In this presentation, we demonstrate our turn-key course shell for GOVT 2305, one of the required courses for all two-year college students. Using only OER, we create an entire course - content and assessments, all ADA-compliant and tied directly to student learning outcomes - that can be modified as needed for any new hire. This way, administrators and new faculty alike can be confident at the beginning of the semester instead of rushed and concerned. We believe this approach can be used in most, if not all, courses at any two-year institution, but is specifically aimed at those high-demand courses with large amounts of added sections late in the registration period.