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dc.contributor.advisorLewis, Kyle, 1961-en
dc.contributor.committeeMemberMcCann, Bruceen
dc.creatorRicks, Ryan Summersen 2010en
dc.description.abstractThe Baby Boomers are retiring and Generation X isn’t large enough to compensate for the lack of manpower in the workforce. Generation Y will fill the manpower void and employers will need to effectively attract, retain and manage them to stay successful in the future. Many Generation Y employees are quitting in the first year and managers are finding it more difficult to retain them. This thesis offers discussion and analysis of common problems associated with managing Generation Y employees and gives solutions and strategies to create a better work environment.en
dc.subjectGeneration Yen
dc.subjectPersonnel managementen
dc.subjectManaging employeesen
dc.subjectRetaining employeesen
dc.subjectWork environmentsen
dc.titleManaging Generation Y in a multigenerational workplaceen
dc.description.departmentEngineering Managementen

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