Midland information/cultural center, Midland, Texas



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Texas Tech University


Midland is one of the leaders in the application of new technology in the oil industry and is regarded as a communications and data processing center.

With this type of industry the role of the library becomes paramount in the research and development of new ideas. A library for the city of Midland has a viable role in its economics and must reflect a concern for the future by taking advantage of the electronics age to provide the necessary information to the user in the fastest amount of time. This program stresses that the library should be a design achievement of major stature; a building in which Midlandites and visitors to the City will wish to view for its architectural distinction and beauty, as well as for its collections and services. It will be a prime force in the oil industry for its log library and contribute to the area's attractiveness.

The design should reflect the Library as a people-place, accommodating a variety of users involved in a multitude of ever-changing activities in an atmosphere of confidence and trust. It must also encompass the most advanced applications of technology and communications systems, including the computer, for administrative management, the processing of Library records, and bibliographic and information networks.