Development of rapid, cement-based repair materials for transportation structures



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The deterioration of today's infrastructure particularly roadways and bridge decks has continued to increase over the years due to the larger axle loads, higher traffic volumes of densely populated cities. These highly congested areas have required the need to repair and rehabilitate the affected pavements in a timely manner with minimal traffic interruptions. Different rapid hardening binders were tested in this project to evaluate and characterize their performance when subjected to concrete distresses such as alkali-silica reaction, delayed ettringite formation, corrosion, freezing and thawing, salt scaling, sulfate attack, material incompatibility and volume changes. Among the cements tested were calcium aluminate cement, calcium sulfoaluminate cement, accelerated portland cement, alkali-activated fly ash, and three other proprietary blends available to the public. This thesis will summarize the preliminary findings of a comprehensive laboratory study focusing on rapid repair materials -- the final results of this study will be included in future publication (theses and final project report).