Standard operating procedures for the nonlinear biodynamics laboratory



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After having worked in the Non-Linear Biodynamics lab for a few months, I determined that conducting original research is not where my true interests lie. Through this process, however, I learned a great deal about the equipment and systems that are key elements in the research process for projects that are conducted in this lab. A current need in the lab is a document of standard operating procedures. Such a document would have the primary purpose of smoothing the transition of new graduate students entering the lab, so they could learn the processes and basic system operation quickly in order to be up to speed with the more “veteran” members of the lab. Aside from the above primary goal, a secondary goal of writing this SOP document is to create a standardized method for the organization of research projects being conducted in the lab. This will allow for simpler archiving of major grant-funded projects, and will also provide a suitable place for other research projects that are not as formal in nature.