Archiving in the Cloud: Tackling Security, Scale and Savings




Corley, Alex

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With an ever-increasing volume of digital records and compliance requirements, digital archiving is shifting from a more routine approach to delivering strategic value across public sector organizations. Mission critical programs across government, education and nonprofits are looking for ways to keep data content (scientific, video, photography, historic, courts, libraries) intact and provide evidence of events that transpired for mission critical evidentiary based objectives or for research programs that must be accessed to drive scientific breakthroughs. This session will provide a technical overview of digital archiving on the cloud and highlight how organizations like the State of Michigan, University of AZ, UT Austin Library and others are using the cloud for long term digital preservation and some specific examples of how and why this has optimized their environments.


Lightning round (24x7) presentation slides for the 2015 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL).