Experiences of rupture



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I am interested in a mode of inquiry that reveals existing conditions to people through direct experience of an artifact or phenomena. My work ranges from objects, to overt experience, to the documentation of observed situations. These projects tend to be situated in and use materials from both natural and constructed landscapes. They are science or mapping projects that explore fundamental aspects of the world. When they provide multiple perspectives at once they blur boundaries between indoors and outdoors, above and below, the past and the present, or socially permitted and not allowed. Through these projects, I create open conditions of possibility, of rupture, and lines of flight from the everyday experience of time. This document is divided into four distinct sections. First I will outline some art movements that have made me think about the seamlessness and rupture in daily experience. Then I will examine representation systems that are generative for my work and follow with a section on my design methodology. The final section describes my projects.