Preserving Fashion Impact: The Texas Fashion Collections’ Page Boy Maternity Collection




Becker, Annette
Gonzalez, Raul

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Texas Digital Library


Fashion trends have the capability to morph what society thinks is acceptable or not. The introduction of new styles, which welcome various physical appearances, confront the ideologies society may assume are permanent. The Page Boy Maternity Collection at the Texas Fashion Collection at the University of North Texas is an example of one such shift. that captures the changing views of pregnant bodies in a casual and professional setting. The clothing in this collection helped pregnant women into a comfortable, openly received lifestyle that would otherwise be hidden. The documentation of this transformation is being preserved and through digitization, description and inclusion in The Portal to Texas History. This poster will detail the digitization process. As new fashion trends emerge and challenge cultural norms, preservation reminds us why it is important to reflect on the evolution of any subject and its impact, including fashion.


Presented by the University of North Texas, Poster Minute Madness, at TCDL 2019.