Session 2C | Juggling Digital Content: Developing Policies for Access and Preservation




Johnson, Emily
Barrera-Gomez, Julianna
Law, Kristin

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In 2020, UTSA Libraries launched a new DSpace Institutional Repository called the Runner Research Press. Previously, the only existing access platform for digital content was CONTENTdm, which showcases digitized material from the UTSA Libraries Special Collections, including University Archives. The launch of the repository coincided with the creation of the Digital Stewardship Governance Group (DSGG), a group of staff from across the organization charged with developing a practical, shared vision of digital stewardship for the Libraries content from creation through preservation. In the course of the DSGG’s work, it became clear that there was overlap between records in University Archives and UTSA’s scholarly output, which caused confusion on which access platform to use (DSpace vs CONTENTdm), as well as which specific content types in the repository should be transferred to the University Archives for permanent retention. Members of the DSGG realized they had a unique opportunity to break down silos and develop policies for access and preservation of the scholarly and historical output of the university, utilizing both DSpace and CONTENTdm. A subgroup of the DSGG was formed and developed a guiding document for access and preservation to UTSA’s digital content across multiple platforms and content types. This presentation will provide an overview of the team’s work to develop this document and provide insights for other libraries interested in developing similar guidelines.


TCDL 2022 Session 2C, Tuesday 5/24/2022, 2:00 pm to 2:50 pm | Moderated by Mingyy Chen, University of Texas at Dallas | Session Type Digital Collections