Session 3B | #DLFteach Toolkit, Volume 2: Lesson Plans on Immersive Pedagogy




Wermer-Colan, Alex
Winkler, Heidi
Gautherau, Lorena

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Texas Digital Library


The DLF Digital Library Pedagogy group (aka #DLFteach) is a grassroots community of practice within the Digital Library Federation that empowers digital library practitioners to see themselves as teachers and equip them to engage learners in how digital library technologies shape knowledge infrastructures. This presentation will introduce attendees to #DLFteach Toolkit, Volume 2: Lessons Plans on Immersive Pedagogy, which will focus on lesson plans to facilitate disciplinary and interdisciplinary work engaged with 3D technology. The toolkit is based on a decolonial, anti-ableist, and feminist pedagogical framework for collaboratively developing and curating humanities content for emerging 3D/VR/AR technologies.


TCDL 2021 Session 3B, Presentation 1, Wednesday, 5/26/2021, 11:00 am to 11:50 am | Speakers: Alex Wermer-Colan, Postdoctoral Fellow, Temple University; Heidi Winkler, Digital Services Librarian, Texas Tech University; Lorena Gautherau, Digital Programs Manager, US Latino Digital Humanities Program, University of Houston | Moderated by Shelley Barba, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Texas Tech University | View the recording at