Corral: A Texas-scale Repository for Digital Research Data




Jordan, Chris

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At the end of 2010, the Regents of the University of Texas funded an investment of $23 million in research cyberinfrastructure, including a replicated, multi-petabyte research data repository and a dedicated research network linking all 15 UT campuses. The Texas Advanced Computing Center has led the effort to design and deploy the research data repository, which is now operational and supporting researchers from Austin to El Paso. This presentation will discuss the human and technical challenges of deploying large-scale research data infrastructure, and provide an overview of the design from a non-technical standpoint, explaining the concept of operation for the project, how it is situated relative to projects like TDL, and how staff at TACC have worked to engage and educate researchers from all UT campuses to make use of this valuable resource. Future directions for the project, including long-term preservation, will also be addressed.


Presentation slides for the 2012 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL).