Texas Tech University Theatre season subscription campaign: a marketing analysis and plan



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Texas Tech University


Formal marketing research has only recently been adopted by many non-profit arts organizations. Negative perceptions about marketing concepts have previously been thought unsuitable for the arts, due to its "bottom line" association within for-profit corporations. However, due to the increased competition among arts communities as a result of a shrinking fijnding base, the arts are looking closely to the adoption of formal marketing practices within their administrations.

Many arts organizations currently find themselves in a crisis situation of a dwindling patron base as a result of the organization not having enough information about the patrons' wants and attendance behavior. Without this information, the arts are unable to promote their product, and communicate effectively and efficiently to their audiences.

This dissertation reveals the results of formal marketing research conducted at the Texas Tech University Department of Theatre and Dance, specifically addressing the audience profiles of the Mainstage season subscribers. The research was conducted over a five month period using a written survey, a focus group interview, a marketing audit, and observation and informal discussions with subscribers, departmental faculty, and staff.