Preparing prospective teacher education students at two-year post secondary institutions: an assessment of proficiency in technology usage



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The purpose of this study was to examine the proficiency or lack of proficiency of prospective teacher education students at two-year community colleges to use and integrate instructional technologies. In addition, this study also examined the perceived perceptions of prospective teacher education students levels of preparedness to use instructional technologies in their future classrooms. Participants in the study were students in a teacher preparation program. The survey was administered to students from six community colleges in the southeastern part of the United States. The Prospective Teacher Education Students Survey was developed and administered to a sample of 109 prospective teacher education students. Results of the study revealed a low proficiency in technology use for database, ethical use understanding, and spreadsheet. Prospective teacher education students reported greater proficiency in computer operation, word processing, and internet use. Low frequency and effectiveness were reported in the use of technology mediated instructional strategies for synchronous communication and simulations. Results indicated higher frequency and effectiveness in technology mediated instructional strategies for word processing and Internet use by students. Generally, students perceived their level of preparedness to implement various technology skills as somewhat well prepared . Descriptive statistics, raw percentages, and independent t-tests were used to analyze the data.