Learning styles of Head Start directors



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Texas Tech University


The individual learning styles of a select group of Head Start executive directors were examined in an effort to determine whether or not there were patterns or factors in their learning style preferences that would direct or particularize the training methods that would be most effective with Head Start directors. Within-group similarities or differences were examined and compared by demographic characteristics of educational level, age, gender and ethnicity. Results indicated that Head Start directors displayed a strong balance of learning style preferences among the four learning styles assessed. None of the traditional SES variables yielded significant results with regard to learning style preferences: there were no gender, ethnic, or educational background predictors that would dictate a certain learning style predisposition. Although no direct inferences could be made with regard to the causality for the learning styles of Head Start directors, a theoretical suggestion linking education, ethnicity and learning style was advanced. Implications for implementing a learning style curriculum in the design of managerial training programs was discussed.