Fast real-time monitoring of rotating machines



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Texas Tech University


This project involves the application of methods and techniques that have been developed for high performance control of relatively slow turning industrial machines and extends these techniques to the more demanding regime of AC-machines used for kinetic energy storage and fast AC-servos for military applications. In particular, techniques for fast monitoring of the output voltage of AC-generators will be discussed.

To accomplish fast monitoring, the (sinusoidal) AC output voltage is converted to a DC quantity that represents the instantaneous amplitude. This is achieved through the use of a rotational transformation. This transformation, also called 'Vector Rotation," can be used for very fast observation of the momentary amplitudes of electrical machine quantities. The hardware that was designed to control the machines will also be discussed in extreme detail. The procedure is implemented by tightly integrating a digital motion control co-processor into the memory map of a 16-bit microcontroller.