Animating Digital Libraries




Williamson, James

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Cultural heritage institutions and archival repositories are increasing their presence online with social media and are working to make a bigger impact online while making the best use of staff time. One of the ways that these institutions have been successful in reaching communities on social media has been through the adoption of internet communication and language. Significantly, more institutions are using frame animation to create GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format). GIFs created from movies, TV shows, artwork, etc. are ubiquitous on the internet. By taking physical and digital materials from their collections and manipulated them to create looping videos, animated artwork, and 3D models, institutions have found a way to adapt this internet currency to promote their archival holdings.

This workshop will instruct participants on how to use image editing tools to create 3 types of GIFs used by cultural heritage institutions and archival repositories on the web. The instructor will lay out the underlying techniques that go into creating these GIFs step by step. The first part of the workshop will facilitate the use of several still images of an object to create a 3D like model. The second part of the workshop will help participants work with digitized video to create a looping video. The third part of the workshop will train participants to animate a piece of artwork. The workshop will conclude with a discussion on the issues surrounding the use of these techniques and how they can be addressed.

The workshop will last 2 hours. Participants in the workshop will need to bring their own laptop along with a version of either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Both are available as a trial version for 30 days. To better facilitate hands on instruction, the number of participants will need to be capped at 25


Workshop presentation slides for the 2016 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL).