A comprehensive study of the evolution and the design of the walled cities of Beijing



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Texas Tech University


The objectives of this thesis are intended to discuss and analyze site planning, the spatial development, the city design and the major urban complex designs with respect to planning/design methods, and philosophical/cultural considerations. It will achieve the following objectives:

(1) This thesis will evaluate the primary factors in affecting spatial evolution of the walled cities, in which it will become apparent that the planning and non-physical factors (human resources) had played an important role in forming a combinationary sequence of the walled cities of Beijing. This part will: a) analyze the major site shifts of the walled cities; b) further give a comprehensive investigation on the planning in the walled cities; c) identify planning's influence in affecting the evolution of the city sites; d) identify the impacts of the civic culture and its physical existence in reshaping the city and maintaining its cultural distinctiveness throughout its history; e) identify and analyze the relationship between the demographic characteristics and city development. and f) identify and analyze the impact of the administration structure on the civic culture and further on the city development.