Performance analysis of distributed object-oriented computing techniques



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Texas Tech University


The aim of this thesis work is to test different performance criteria of three standards object-oriented distributed compudng techniques, which are CORBA, COM-DCOM, and Java RMI. Published benchmarks and test codes will be used to measure quantitative parameters, such as the delay and the throughput. The thesis project contains two sets of comparison tests. The first part focus on tesdng different CORBA implementations under the same condition, in order to match each implementadon with a specific class of distributed applicadons. The second part is a comparison between CORBA, COM/DCOM, and Java RMI, in regard to delay and throughput.

This thesis project examines and evaluates distributed object oriented techniques. The quantitadve comparison provides to developers a valuable source of information that will help choosing the right middleware for the applicadon need.