Study of the Hajj to the Holy City and a design of the pilgrims accommodation center in Makkah, Saudi Arabia



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Being a native and lifelong resident of Makkah <internationally known as Mecca), Saudi Arabia, I believe that the city of Makkah possesses a unique character and image as the Holy Land for the Muslim population around the world and as the religious capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. E~ch year Makkah hosts the pilgrims during the Hajj period <see Figures 1 to 3). The Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam. It is obligatory for each Muslim who can afford it. This Hajj is held each year in Makkah, where the Holy Mosque is located and surrounded by the Holy Environs. Each year the city hosts a large number of pilgrims who visit the city to perform the Hajj.