The Utah Shakespearean Festival: twenty-five years in retrospect



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Texas Tech University


The primary purpose of this study, is the researching, documenting, and recording of a dream: the dream behind the Utah Shakespearean Festival held each summer in Cedar City, Utah. While the initial dream has grown and developed into a multifaceted program, embracing all the arts, this paper shall be confined to the recording of the historical development of the Festival. Utilizing a chronological history of the Festival from the beginnings—through the inception of the theatre, its crises and triumphs—to its ultimate success. Included also are sections dealing with the structural and financial organization of the Festival, aspirations for the future, and the conclusions reached. The study of this model festival will provide insight into what is necessary for organizations and individuals to begin a festival and to insure its longevity. The study is confined to the first twenty-five years of the Festival.