Completing Grant Work During Pandemic Times and How a Series of Unforeseen Obstacles Elevated the Outcome


In 2020 the DuraSpace Community Supported Programs division at Lyrasis was awarded an IMLS Grant to develop, pilot and create documentation to provide Fedora 3 users a migration path into the newest version of the open-source repository software - Fedora 6.x. Originally proposed as an 18 month project, the program team and pilot partner institutions were faced with challenges which could never have been planned for, including a global pandemic which rendered some of the grant deliverables nearly impossible to complete in their original format. Through continual re-evaluation, community input, willingness to pivot and the unwavering support of the pilot project partners, and nearly 3 years later, the final grant deliverable was completed. The path to get there was not straightforward, nor without barriers, bumps and setbacks, but the final outcome was significantly more sustainable, accessible and thorough than originally planned.

This presentation will discuss the roadblocks and challenges we encountered throughout this project and how we navigated the ever-changing landscape to reach the finish line. We will showcase the work produced via this grant and highlight it’s importance for all communities involved.


TCDL 2023 Session 2I, Wednesday, 5/17/2023, 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm | Moderated by Aaron Choate, University of Texas at Austin | Presentation | Technology & Software Development