Fidelity of response to intervention in Texas schools



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Response to Intervention (RtI) is a framework intended to provide high quality classroom instruction, identification of students at risk of failure and tiered levels of interventions for those students. This study outlines the essential components of an RtI framework. Currently, Texas has broad guidelines about the implementation of RtI, so there is potential for much variability at the campus level. In this study, Texas elementary school principals were contacted and asked to participate in a survey about the fidelity of implementation of RtI on their campus. This study sought to answer: (1 to what degree are Texas schools implementing RtI with fidelity by incorporating the essential features into their RtI models? And (2 how do Texas schools perform with regard to the percentages of students at each tier of the RtI model? Due to a poor response rate, results from this survey are minimal. The overall results reveal that most of the schools in this study are successful in the formation multiple levels of increasing intensity and data-based decision making, while most need improvement in the percentage of students in each tier and empirically validated instruction.