Implementation and comparison of cosine modulated filter banks on a fixed point digital signal processor



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Texas Tech University


Cosine Modulated Filter Banks have an efficient structure with respect to the number of multiplication and delay elements required. They also provide another desirable feature, perfect reconstruction (PR). However, their ability to provide PR can be affected due to various parameters, such as fixed-point constraints, imperfect modulation matrix, etc. In this thesis, effects of these parameters on the ability of the filter bank to provide PR are studied. To demonstrate the use of the filter bank in a real- time application, it is implemented using a TMS320C6211 Fixed-point Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The implementation uses the TLC320AD535 audio Encoder/Decoder (CODEC), the Multichannel Buffered Serial Port (McBSP) and the Enhanced Direct Memory Access (EDMA) controller on the DSK6211 board to continuously process and reconstruct digitized audio data.