Influence of technology on perceptions of films: How audience gender, audience grouping, and presentation format affects enjoyment of content displayed on television, PCs, and laptops.



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Texas Tech University


How presentation technology influences perceptions of films displayed on that technology as well as how gender dynamics influenced perceptions of technology and viewing experience was investigated. Research participants (N = 282) were divided into three technology conditions (television, desktop computer, laptop computer) and into four group conditions (mixed-gender, all female, all male, individuals). Participants viewed portions of two films and answered questions regarding their perceptions of the films, the group environment (for those participating in groups), and the equipment on which the films were viewed. Results indicated that participants perceived no differences in the films based on the technology on which they viewed them. Group participants also indicated a preference for viewing films when members of the opposite sex were present rather than absent. Participants perceived the greatest ease of use when working with the laptop computer instead of either the TV or the desktop computer. The results imply that, for this generation at least, technology has no impact on perceptions of films and that corporations may market convergent technologies such as the Playstation Portable without worrying that content will be negatively affected by the technology on which it is viewed.