Dynamic modeling and experimental verification of a flexible-follower quick-return mechanism



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Texas Tech University


In this thesis, the dynamics of flexible multibody systems is studied. In particular, a mathematical model of a flexible-follower quick-return mechanism is generated and verified experimentally. This mechanism is of special interest as the closed-loop constraint manifests itself as a time varying load in the domain of the flexible member. The motivation for modeling this type of system is the current trend in the design of industrial equipment toward lighter weight, more slender mechanism components used in order to achieve higher productivity and lower operating cost. As a result, the usual rigid body assumptions made in the dynamic analysis of these systems are no longer valid. Flexibility of the machine elements must be considered in order to produce useful system models.

System equations of motion are generated using a hybrid parameter multiplebody system modeling technique. The methodology allows rigorous formulations of the complete nonlinear, hybrid diflferential equations with boundary conditions, no Lagrange multipliers are needed.

To verify the model, an experimental mechanism was constructed and data was collected for several test runs with variations of the system parameters.