Cryptoraptor : high throughput reconfigurable cryptographic processor for symmetric key encryption and cryptographic hash functions



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In cryptographic processor design, the selection of functional primitives and connection structures between these primitives are extremely crucial to maximize throughput and flexibility. Hence, detailed analysis on the specifications and requirements of existing crypto-systems plays a crucial role in cryptographic processor design. This thesis provides the most comprehensive literature review that we are aware of on the widest range of existing cryptographic algorithms, their specifications, requirements, and hardware structures. In the light of this analysis, it also describes a high performance, low power, and highly flexible cryptographic processor, Cryptoraptor, that is designed to support both today's and tomorrow's encryption standards. To the best of our knowledge, the proposed cryptographic processor supports the widest range of cryptographic algorithms compared to other solutions in the literature and is the only crypto-specific processor targeting the future standards as well. Unlike previous work, we aim for maximum throughput for all known encryption standards, and to support future standards as well. Our 1GHz design achieves a peak throughput of 128Gbps for AES-128 which is competitive with ASIC designs and has 25X and 160X higher throughput per area than CPU and GPU solutions, respectively.