Session 3I | Taking Control: Our Journey to an Open Reading Landscape




Peterson, Christine

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Texas Digital Library


Libraries are part of a unique moment in history which unites broad technology adoption, readily-available technical training, widespread use of the Internet, and support of openness and equitable access. Columbia University, New York University, Amigos Library Services and other institutions are using these as a base to advance open reading environments through SimplyE, an IMLS-funded project. Open source initiatives like SimplyE and open standards will allow all involved - commercial software vendors, publishers, libraries, consortia - to innovate. In this lightning talk, I will highlight progress in SimplyE within academic libraries and how it fits within the broader reading landscape.


TCDL 2021 Session 3I, Presentation 2, Wednesday, 5/26/2021, 2:00 pm to 2:50 pm | Speakers: Christine Peterson, Engagment & Emerging Technologies Coordinator, Amigos Library Services | Moderated by Sasha Rodriguez, Senior Librarian Liaison to Art, Music, Film, and Education, University of Texas at Dallas | View the recording at