Regularity for solutions of nonlocal fully nonlinear parabolic equations and free boundaries on two dimensional cones



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On the first part, we consider nonlinear operators I depending on a family of nonlocal linear operators [mathematical equations]. We study the solutions of the Dirichlet initial and boundary value problems [mathematical equations]. We do not assume even symmetry for the kernels. The odd part bring some sort of nonlocal drift term, which in principle competes against the regularization of the solution. Existence and uniqueness is established for viscosity solutions. Several Hölder estimates are established for u and its derivatives under special assumptions. Moreover, the estimates remain uniform as the order of the equation approaches the second order case. This allows to consider our results as an extension of the classical theory of second order fully nonlinear equations. On the second part, we study two phase problems posed over a two dimensional cone generated by a smooth curve [mathematical symbol] on the unit sphere. We show that when [mathematical equation] the free boundary avoids the vertex of the cone. When [mathematical equation]we provide examples of minimizers such that the vertex belongs to the free boundary.