Flow of fine particle suspensions in bends, fittings and valves



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Texas Tech University


The results of extensive experimental studies to determine the head losses for flow of fine-particle suspensions in bends, fittings, valves and pipes are presented in this thesis. Methods of determining losses in fine-particle suspensions flowing through pipes and fittings are discussed, as well as methods of expressing these losses in a form useful for design purposes. Glass beads with dsO=12.5µ and with d5O=44.5µ were used in this work. This work was restricted to the transport of fine particles and the particle volume concentration of suspensions up to 32.5% were studied. Furthermore, in this work, only the practical important case of transport at fluid velocities above the saltation velocity has been considered. For homogeneous flow conditions, effects of particle size and concentration are negligible and the loss coefficients for carrier fluid can be used for fine-particle suspensions. Hence, practical prediction of pressure drop in pipelines can be carried out.