Design & implementation of the pilot physician program for the U.S. Air Force - Air National Guard



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This paper outlines a proposal to develop and implement a plan that will establish a pilot-physician program for the entire USAF Air National Guard – thus tapping an available, but unutilized resource. Specific aims of this program will be 1) to create a dual-designation AFSC (or to apply the existing active duty AFSC [48VX] to the ANG program) that will allow pilot-physicians to be assigned to both positions simultaneously (flying and medical), 2) to help ANG units with manning problems (specifically focused at improving retention and combating loss of funding), 3) to improve public health during humanitarian missions / natural disasters by engaging this new resource in whichever area may be most lacking and 4) to create a new Air Force Instruction (AFI) detailing the ANG PPP or to supplement the existing AFI (11-405) to allow for an ANG PPP.