Architecture Using the Rudiments of Music: Music Therapy Center



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Texas Tech University


By applying a system of proportion and scale that relates to the building elements, a language of space and form to produce emotionally responsive architecture can be created that relates to the way music translates an emotion/ idea through the composition, harmony, and rhythm.

Scope of project is to establish a music therapy center for the Lubbock area that will respond to the ever present need ; of such a facility' as well as have training for this field of study. Everyone in the community can benefit from this facility and the aim will be to share music with the lives of the handicapped, mentally retarded, autistic, individuals with cerebral palsy, emotionally sensitive individuals, and every other pathology our society creates. Music is the therapeutic device and it is available to all age groups and all walks of life. The music therapy center shall contain within it spaces for individual sessions, a large group session space, and a space for what will be called the 'community performance' area - it shall be operable to transcend the musical gifts and talents various people have upon the surrounding environment. The facility shall be approximately 20,000 s.f.

The Northeast corner of l5th Street and University Avenue is the chosen site for this project. Sensitivity to interweaving amidst the urban fabric is crucial and when finished, the building will be a continuum of this urban fabric, which is currently being stifled by the presence of the Diamond Shamrock gasoline station. I propose to do away with the gasoline station - there are two other gasoline stations not half a mile from the site so I do not believe the disappearance of it will hurt the community. Musicians and teachers alike who attend TTU are within walking distance of the site and can easily cross University Avenue at die traffic light that is at the intersection of my site. another advantage to the site is all the availability of possible patients the site is surrounded by ministries, commercial fabric as well as residential. Mucis can be a direct influence in their lives for the better. Also, Lubbock High is within walking distance (10 minutes).