Welcoming audiences with visual impairments to the art museum : a study of the Meadows Museum of Art’s INsights and OUTlooks program



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This qualitative case study focuses on the efforts of the education staff at the Meadows Museum of Art as they planned and implemented INsights and OUTlooks – an inclusive educational program, meaning that it was designed for sighted and non-sighted visitors. Although this is an inclusive program, the study concentrates mostly on how it was designed to make art accessible to visitors with visual impairments. The researcher interviewed the staff in charge of leading the program, observed two program sessions, and attended staff meetings related to INsights and OUTlooks to gain a better understanding of how it functions. Current literature (Andrus, 1999; McGinnis, 2007) within the field of art education suggests that staff at art museums should adopt inclusive practices as they design programs and exhibitions. This study explores the process of creating such a program, the tools and approaches utilized to make art accessible to visitors with visual impairments, and the benefits of being inclusive. Research studies such as this one add to the existing but limited literature regarding inclusive programming in art museums.