The effects of paraquat and arsenic acid on the growth of distiller's yeast



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Texas Tech University


The effects of the defoliants arsenic trioxide and paraquat on the growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae were studied. It was found that 10 and 10 M concentrations of the defoliants did not significantly inhibit the growth of the distiller's yeast, while inhibition -3 -4 -3 was observed at 10 and 10 M concentrations. At 10 M concentrations of both defoliants, the growth of the yeast was inhibited completely in both tryptic soy broth and in a semi-synthetic medium containing glucose as the carbon source. Growth curves revealed an immediate toxic effect on yeasts grown in paraquat-treated media, while the number of viable cells remained constant for a short period of time in media containing arsenic trioxide.