An Investigation of Multi-Domain Energy Dynamics



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This research investigates common patterns in all energy systems to develop insights and a clearer understanding of energy conversion and transmissions. The potential benefits of this research are to introduce conceptual models of power conversions that can suggest new power conversion machines, understand some known physical laws, and propose new laws of energy dynamics.

The electromagnetic domain is used as an archetype domain since it is the most completely developed and well-documented domain. In this research, an extensive study for the electromagnetic domain and the comparisons between other domains are presented. The work is based on the fact that in all energy engineering systems, the variables to transmit power are similar in functionality. Power can only exist when energy transfers and mutates in space. However, moving in space requires flow, and that flow cannot happen without effort. This work also presents the importance of power conversion through media.

In order to connect all energy systems together, some variables should be defined in all existing energy systems. Some of these variables are defined in the literature, such as electrical, but the others are not, such as the thermal and magnetic systems.

A comparison between the new approach and the other existing models is presented in order to highlight the differences between the conventional and proposed one. Finally, theoretical verifications and explanations of some concepts are presented in this research in a better and more powerful way to validate our theory.