Survey and analysis of insecure music teaching attitudes of selected classroom teachers



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Texas Tech University


A survey determined insecure attitudes, reasons for them, and possible solutions for those classroom teachers who must teach music without the assistance of a music specialist. A questionnaire was designed to assess a situation which exists in Texas whereby Texas Education Agency guidelines do not consistently provide for special music teachers in elementary schools of the state. Results of the questionnaire were computerized to provide accurate statistical data from which to draw conclusions. The data indicated that attitudes toward teaching music are primarily affected by grade level taught, musical background, and philosophy of teaching music in the elementary classroom. Attitudes were a factor in determining the frequency of music classes and the comprehensiveness of the music program. Subjects of the survey blamed neglect of music in the classroom on insufficient training for classroom teachers in college and specified the need for a music framework especially suited to the classroom teacher who is without a music background. Possible solutions indicated 1) a need for favorable elementary music experiences rather than placing undue emphasis on technical music factors and 2) a need for a diversified and comprehensive music background for future classroom teachers. This study may be of interest to school boards, school administrators, elementary music supervisors, and university music education instructors.