The nameless place



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Texas Tech University


This research began with identifying an area of interest which had room for exploration and was relevant to arriving at an architectural thesis. My initial interest was that of creating a studio or a retreat for a genius; a genius being a person such as Mozart, Goethe, Aristotle, Einstein, or Michelangelo. The research vvas looking for what could be said about the impact of a place on the life of the genius; asking what is the role of place? What I found was that the place, the physical environment, was not of significance. In this process of fínding out that the genius is actually divorced from the physical, other characteristics of significance were encountered which lead to an understanding that the genius exist in the world in a different sense -in a spiritual sense. At this point I lost my preoccupation with a retreat for the genius and began exploring the characteristics of the genius to where that would lead. To further understand the state of the genius, the spiritual state, I looked at the state of the non-genius, or the nonspiritual state.